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About D.P. Murphy

DP MurphyWhen Great Grandpa Murphy had the first photo taken in 1891 the company was already 18 years old. This was our Vesey Street, NYC store. The offices were upstairs. Note the period clothing, the gas lamp fixtures and the display cases. In those per-telephone, "slow" mail days, local Pastors would stop in and look over the ledgers, record books, and samples of certificates and leave with their parcels neatly wrapped in brown paper and white string. Incidentally, this was the entire Murphy Co. staff of its day. The lady, whom we would call a Secretary was commonly known as a typewriter in the 1890's. A typing machine and a woman trained to operate it was considered pretty progressive in the gaslight era.

In the early 1930's, the company acquired the printing presses of a vendor who succumbed to the economic pressures of the Depression years. This changed the operation from basically a jobber shop to a manufacturing operation. New printed products were created and introduced, and the company grew and prospered. There were a number of moves in and around Manhattan to larger and more modern quarters - namely Barclay Street in the late 1800's, Murray Street in the 1930's and Chambers Street from 1964 until 1976. Because there was a need for more production and warehousing space, the company decided to move from lower Manhattan to Melville, Long Island in September 1976 where we were located until July 1, 2005.

We are now located at 945 Grand Boulevard, Deer Park, NY and can happily say that the company still continues to grow and prosper.

We can only wonder what Great Grandpa would make of our latest computers and telecommunications. He would probably approve because, from our earliest days in 1873, Murphy was well aware that the price of flourishing in a competitive marketplace was continual upgrading of products, services and capabilities. This included then, as it does now, a complete understanding of the problems confronting the parishes in terms of serving its parishioners. If we don't understand the problems, how can we implement the solutions? That's why today you'll find that the scope of Murphy items range from simple stationery products to sophisticated computer programs, from collection envelope systems to Parishioner Contribution recording systems, as well as a variety of Mailing and Online services.

We much prefer being known as the company that comes through for you rather than just being the oldest. We are proud to be serving our clients for 145 years and we do take some satisfaction in knowing that we are not just getting older, we're getting BETTER!

DP Murphy is Now Part of the Cathedral Family of Companies

We will continue to operate independently, but with an expanded range of services to help you better serve your parishioners.

These improved products and services include:

  • Interactive and responsive parish websites with integrated email, content feeds, and mobile-apps for parishioners on the go!
  • An expanded range of full-color offering envelopes.
  • Proven offertory and capital campaign fundraising programs.
  • Experienced and dedicated postal affairs staff to stay abreast of the latest mailing services and delivery options to save you money and improve your service to your parishioners.
  • The latest technologies to ensure that you are communicating with your parishioners in the ways they prefer to be reached.

We look forward to extending our combined 245 years of leadership in church services by bringing you an even better suite of programs and services for many years to come!

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