Additional Products

Additional Products

At D.P. Murphy, we never stop working to come up with new applications and opportunities for communication with your parishioners and ministry. We offer a variety of products and services to meet your unique needs.

Contribution Recording Service

Have your parish's contributions recorded quickly and efficiently by our experienced staff!

Key Benefits:

  • We arrange to have your envelopes picked up from the church each month
  • Envelopes are processed by the latest "state-of-the-art" computerized equipment
  • Envelopes are analyzed by "class" into Weekly, Monthly, Diocesan and Special Church Collections
  • The following reports are available at the end of each month:
    • Monthly Contribution Analysis
      Allows you to view a summary of all your collections by "class," dollar amount ranges and how many contributions were recorded in each amount, plus the percent of use of all classes of envelopes
    • Pastor's Quarterly Report
      This three month report lists each parishioner in alphabetical order with their total contributions for the quarter and year to date.
    • "Better" Contributor's Report
      This report shows parishioners who gave at least one contribution of $50 and over
    • School Parents Report
      This report shows the contributions made by parents who have children in the parish school in alphabetical order
    • Descending Order Report
      This is a yearly report that allows you to view all of your parishioners (contributors and non-contributors) from those who were most generous to those who did not give. Parishioners who did not give are listed in alphabetical order.

Special Reports are available upon request at an additional charge

Contact us for more details and to get started today!

List Maintenance Services

This is a FREE service that D. P. Murphy provides to ALL of its Envelope Mailing Customers for updating and maintaining your parish list in our "state-of-the-art" database. You can easily update your parish mailing list by choosing one of these simple and effective methods...

  • List Maintenance Online (LMOL)
    D. P. Murphy is the first in the church goods industry to developed an innovative way for parishes to maintain their parishioner lists ONLINE without the need for expensive software. Best of all - IT'S FREE - to all D. P. Murphy Monthly Mailing customers!
  • Email Updates
    Save the cost of postage and phone charges of faxing. EMAIL us all your Additions, Corrections, Code Changes and Deletions to whenever you want, how often you want. When submitting updates by email, please be sure to IDENTIFY the parish by assigned CHURCH NUMBER, CHURCH NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER and the NAME of the person submitting the update(s).*
  • Email List Replacement
    Many parishes choose to maintain their own parish mailing list and replace their list ENTIRELY every mailing by emailing us a file attachment. We accept many different file formats including MS Excel, ASCII Text Fixed Width and Comma Delimited plus many others. When emailing us a list replacement, please be sure to IDENTIFY the parish by assigned CHURCH NUMBER, CHURCH NAME, ADDRESS and PHONE NUMBER and the NAME of the person submitting the list.*
  • Mail Updates
    You can mail us using our specially designed forms to make Additions, Corrections, Code Changes and Deletions. It helps our List Maintenance Department personnel GREATLY if updates are typed rather than handwritten.
  • Fax
    We will be happy to receive all your Additions, Corrections, Code Changes and Deletions by fax at (631) 673-1851. It helps our List Maintenance Department personnel GREATLY if updates are typed rather than handwritten.

Please Contact us before switching to a different List Maintenance method.

Cut Off Dates

These are the dates on which ALL List Maintenance is due for a specific mailing. Cut Off Dates will vary depending on your parish's Mailing Frequency - i.e. Monthly, Bi-Monthly, or Quarterly.

A list of your parish's specific Cut Off Dates is available by simply clicking the link below.

Cut Off Dates

*For security purposes, emails received without ANY identity of the sender will not be accepted.

Special Mailings

Help raise funds for specific needs. Christmas, Easter, Mother's/Father's Day, Chance Drawings, Events, Tithing, and more.

Increase parishioner participation and support is crucial for all parishes. Let us help you get the response you need!

Communicate with all your parishioners anytime during the year. We can print (bilingual options available), address and mail for any occasion. Personalize mailings add a special touch to your appeal mailings by sending a personally addressed letter and donation card/contribution envelope to your members. And including a reply card can increase response!

Chance Books are still one of the most popular ways to raise extra parish funds. Including a chance book in a special mailing can increase participation and response. Our chance books are available in bulk.

Christmas and Easter Special Mailings

As you know, your parish can benefit from higher response rates during the holiday seasons by providing your parishioners the personal touch of our special mailing! This is also an important time to include both active and inactive members as well as the community to join in the celebrations and activities at your parish.

At D.P. Murphy, we have selected the most popular packages especially designed to make an impact to your parishioners. Your parish can select a package and order individual items that meet your unique needs. Our staff will help you select the best options of beautiful new designs offered each season. Our special mailings help you:

  • Better communicate Holy Day, holiday and weekly mass times
  • Create a greater sense of belonging
  • Increase attendance
  • Increase contributions

Contact us to learn more about any of these services - 800-424-8724.

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