Bar Coding

Bar Coding for Offertory Envelopes

Adding a bar code to your offertory envelopes is simple and easy. Rather than keying envelope numbers manually, save time with your bar code scanner. You'll open the right file every time, reducing contribution recording errors and cutting data enter time in half. Other benefits include:

  • Accuracy Assured - Scanning a bar coded envelope ensures that the right parishioner's file is opened each and every time. Mis-keying numbers and the risk associated with opening the wrong parishioner file is eliminated. The computer operator need only focus on keying or scanning correct dollar amounts.
  • No New Software - Bar code scanning devices work with any software program that your parish uses. The scanner automatically interprets bar bodes as keystrokes. Just purchase a small and affordable bar code scanner and begin effort-free recording right away.
  • Save Time - Contribution recording time can be dramatically reduced, especially for inexperienced computer operators. Fewer keystrokes multiplied by hundreds or thousands of member number entries means more time available for other important tasks.
  • Parishioner Numbers Stay the Same - Our computer specialists create printed bar codes by converting your existing parishioners' envelope numbers into matching bar codes. No one will need to change or reassign envelope numbers.
  • No Training Needed - The computer operator simply scans the bar code on the envelope with the scanner and the parishioner's file is automatically accessed.
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